13 January 2017
A Tasty Bit of Paris

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This article was excerpted from the debut issue of our monthly community newspaper, the Camana Bay Times, available for collection throughout the Town Centre, including the Camana Bay Visitor Centre.

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By Alan Markoff

Camana Bay now has some French flair on Market Street.

Petit Paris, an authentic French-style bakery with an interior featuring a rustic wood-and-brick theme, opened in December, much to the delight of those who work at or visit Camana Bay.

Owner Bruno Deluche, a mainstay in Grand Cayman’s culinary scene for more than a decade, says Petit Paris is inspired by the bakeries he visited as a child in his hometown of Limoges, France. He says he has wanted to open a bakery in Cayman for a long time.

“For many years, people have been asking me, ‘Why don’t you open a French bakery? That’s what’s missing in the Cayman Islands.’”

Petit Paris offers the kinds of baked goods you’ll find in any French bakery: fresh breads, flaky croissants, delicious pastries, macarons and cookies, and decadent cakes. In addition, it has pre-packaged sweets like nougat, bonbons, hard candies and biscuits, all imported from France.

In true French bakery fashion, Petit Paris offers many savory items as well.

There are different kinds of quiche – leek, ham and cheese, and spinach to name a few – as well as a soup of the day, salads, crêpes, sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes, paninis, croque-monsieur and other heartier fare.

Of course it wouldn’t be a French bakery without coffee and espresso, and Petit Paris offers Nespresso, one of the most popular coffee systems in the world today.

Petit Paris is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am until mid-afternoon.