14 February 2017
Share the Love: Valentine’s Day Love Stories

Yesterday we announced our contest winners in our Share the Love Valentine’s Day contest. There were so many amazing stories entered, however, so every day this week we will continue sharing the love by posting more love stories from all around Cayman. Today, read what Emily, Carrie and Cybel shared with us:

Emily Hill


“We met when I was 18 and Matt was 17, when I was at university and started working in the same pub as him in Greater London. We became good friends and had such fun working behind the bar together. Once we even shared a kiss in my university dorm (it was TERRIBLE – haha!). He was never anything more than a friend to me back then, and we stayed in touch every so often over the years, meeting for a drink or a bite to eat when we happened to find ourselves in the same town.

Fast-forward 15 (yes, 15!) years… my life in the UK had become pretty dull, I had been single for what seemed like forever and I desperately needed a change. I had trained to become a teacher a few years before, so I started applying for jobs overseas. I hadn’t heard from Matt for a few years at this point, but this wasn’t uncommon – we regularly went very long periods of time without chatting. However, on the exact same day as I discovered I had got a teaching job at a school in Houston, Matt texted me to say that he was moving to Grand Cayman!

A few months later, Matt was in Cayman and I was in Houston, and we had been spending a lot of time reconnecting on Skype – it was great for us to have someone from ‘home’ in the same time zone, who had also made the big step to become an ex-pat too. We got to know each other properly again, as adults now rather than the kids we still were when we first met. One September night we had been on Skype with each other for a couple of hours and I decided on a whim to book a flight to visit him in my mid-term break. I was coming to visit him as an old friend, and honestly nothing else had really crossed my mind at this point (I do remember thinking that he was much more good-looking than he was when he was younger though!).

26th October 2013 was the day my life changed, irrevocably, for the better. I arrived at Owen Roberts International Airport to visit an old friend. By the end of that very same evening we were an awful lot more than that. I don’t know what happened – blame the wine, the weather, the beach, the delicious food (he took me to The Lobster Pot!) but something happened to both of us that evening. And we have never looked back. (Incidentally, the photo that accompnies this story is not the best one of us by any means, but it was taken a few short hours before we got together, while we were still officially ‘just friends’. But the stranger who offered to take it commented that we looked like a lovely couple. I remember finding that funny at the time, but she obviously knew something we didn’t.)

Three and a half short years later, so much has changed for both of us. I got a job and moved here in July 2014; I then gave birth to our amazing, beautiful island-boy Rowan in September 2015; and we are getting married this April! We live in Camana Bay, and Rowan is already well-known amongst a lot of the people who work here (especially his Bay Market ladies!). We love life here in Cayman and it will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Matt is one of my oldest friends, my best friend and I have no hesitation to call him my soulmate. Something in the universe conspired to get us together here and I am beyond happy that it did.

Shortly after we got together here in Cayman, Matt confessed to me that he had fallen for me the first time he met me, at the pub way back when we were teenagers. Sometimes I wish I had felt the same back then, as then maybe we wouldn’t have spent so much of our lives apart; but actually most of the time I’m so happy it happened for us when it did. It was completely the right time.

We are not a couple who go for grand gestures – we’re not really the type. So writing this here, for anyone to see, is a pretty big deal for us! But I felt our story is just too good not to share. It really is the stuff that dreams are made of and taught me to never lose hope – you never know just who could end up being the perfect one.

Matt – I’m so happy you got better at kissing than you were back then. I love you.”

Carrie Bee


“We met in September 2015 and, after becoming close friends, we fell in love. We went for a spontaneous getaway to Vegas and ended up surprising our friends and family by getting married! We are now 5 weeks away from having our first baby – Baby Bee.”

Cybel Johnson


“When my grandmother (my legal guardian) passed away in 2007, I knew my life was about to change. My father who worked and lived in the Cayman Islands asked me to come live with him. I was happy at the thought of living with him in such a beautiful country, but I was devastated and terrified at the thought of having to uproot my entire life and leave my home. However, I packed my things and moved here by August 2008.

Having not finished any university-level education, I signed up for some classes at UCCI. During one of them, I made a new friend while working on a project. Since this project was worth a big part of our grade, we had to put in lots of work outside of class. So this friend gave me a phone number where I could reach him and asked me to call him to work on our part of the project. When I called the number someone else answered the phone, which I didn’t pay much attention to at the time and just asked to speak to my friend.

The next day when we were walking to class, he told me that his friend who answered the phone was in love with my voice and absolutely wanted to meet me. I laughed it off but it now became my friend’s mission to match us up. I met LJ that very same day and thought he was very polite and friendly. We exchanged numbers and started to talk, text and message on MSN. A few weeks later, he worked up the courage to ask me out but I told him I wasn’t looking for a relationship and just wanted to be friends…I know, right…poor guy! I thought for sure he would just stop talking to me like most guys do when a girl isn’t interested but he didn’t. He simply said,” If you want to be friends, that’s what I’ll be, your friend.”

Fast forward two or three years and believe it or not he asked me out three times and was denied all three times. Faithfully he kept his promise of friendship even when I moved away for two years. He came to visit for special occasions and my family and I grew attached to him even though I still just saw him as a friend. One day however, that all changed. This other guy asked me out and I caught myself comparing him to LJ. That’s when I realised what a fool I had been and that I felt more than friendship for him.

This wonderful man has shown me time and again that he was patient, loving and ready to wait for me to realise on my own what was right in front of me. I had never experienced love like that. I told him how I felt and we started dating. After a year, he asked my father for my hand, which he knew was very important to me, and my dad agreed. Not only had he seen LJ love me and take care of me, but he had seen him care about my family and was more than happy to agree.

Three months later, at midnight, he went down on one knee and popped the question. I said yes, of course, and we were married a year later on July 19th, 2014. I moved back to the Cayman Islands after the wedding and couldn’t be happier. It was hard to leave my home all these years ago, but little did I know that I would find an even better one; he is my home, my rock, my shoulder to cry on and my joker when I need a good laugh. I love you Lascelles Johnson!”