15 February 2017
Share the Love: Valentine’s Day Love Stories

On Monday we announced our contest winners in our Share the Love Valentine’s Day contest. There were so many amazing stories entered, however, so every day this week we will continue sharing the love by posting more love stories from all around Cayman. Today, read what Shane, Josh and Michelle told us about their romances:

Shane Blake


“My wife and I first met at Californian Baptist University in 2011. At the time we were merely acquaintances, both interested in other people and meeting to exchange a book for a class she was taking. Two years later, we found ourselves on the same residential staff during our senior year.

During that time, we were given the opportunity to basically live next door to one another – her overseeing 15 freshman gals and myself overseeing 16 freshman guys. For the next eight months, we worked quite closely with one another. I think we’d both agree she had feelings first.

As the year came to a close, we kept running in more and more circles together, whether it be training for a half marathon, submitting graduate school applications, church, or even a service project team based in Central Asia.

Once we graduated, we flew across the world to serve others. It was then that I knew that this girl was someone I wanted to be more than just a friend.

We returned to the States the summer of 2014, after graduation and began dating. She was my sweet, selfless girl next door and I was her nerdy college crush that liked adrenaline a tad too much. By December 2015 we were engaged and as of June 4, 2016, I get the pleasure of calling her my wife.

Shortly after, we moved back to Grand Cayman in July 2016 to work in the education system. Our whole lives have been based on faith, travel, and education, and I couldn’t be happier to continue the journey alongside her.”

Josh Preuss


“I met the love of my life, Sandra Helena, through a friend. Once I realised she liked me I looked for any excuse to be with her. She became my gorgeous girlfriend, then my gorgeous fiancée, and now my gorgeous and wonderful wife.

Our first date ended with my car dying in East End and had to have my parents bail us out. (So embarrassing but at least I have amazing parents). We had many more dates after that and saw each other every single day.

When I asked her to marry me at South Sound beach I was so nervous but then I pointed out to sea and when she looked back there I was with the ring and on my knee. Now we are married almost a year. I am happy to call Sandra Preuss my wife. I love you Sandra!”

Michelle Allard-Boyle


“Have known my husband Bob since childhood. All of us neighbourhood kids would play together and on one of those days, my best friend and I tied Bob to a tree and left him there. From that summer he would tell everyone that he was in love and going to marry me one day.

“We always remained good friends but never dated. On one of my return visits to Canada all our friends would get together as usual and of course Bob was there as well. Bob was saying how bad the economy was and I suggested that he leave, come to Cayman where great opportunities were available in his field.

He said he would come to Cayman if I married him. We were married a few months later on St Valentine’s Day in Cayman 25 years ago.”