18 January 2017
Five Questions, Five Minutes with Farmer Patrick Panton

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This article was excerpted from the debut issue of our monthly community newspaper, the Camana Bay Times, available for collection throughout the Town Centre, including the Camana Bay Visitor Centre.

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Farmer Patrick Panton has been a familiar face at Camana Bay, selling his fruits, vegetables, chickens, eggs and seafood there on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings since 2010. He’s a busy guy, but the Camana Bay Times pulled him aside for five minutes of questions.

CBT: Patrick, what’s your favourite vegetable to grow and sell?

PP: My favourite one to grow, hands down, is the tomato. It’s a fruit for every meal, it’s the moneymaker, it’s the market driver and I enjoy them thoroughly. People are happy to see them when they’re finally in season and I’m more than happy to sell them!

CBT: What’s one vegetable that you wish you could grow in Cayman but can’t?

PP: For their popularity, yellow squash and zucchini. It just won’t grow here. We were doing a late-summer Middle Eastern variety called Alexandria, which tends to be a larger zucchini type. It has a nice nutty flavour, like the green zucchini, but we didn’t do well with it here. I’m sure there’s a variety or some kind of chemical trick we don’t know about somewhere, and we haven’t given up.

CBT: How would you describe your farming style?

PP: Formerly rustic, but striving to improve techniques all the time, steering clear of relying on chemicals – whatever we can do to make things bigger, better and more profitable without the chemical thing. And we love colour – that’s not by accident, it’s by design.

CBT: What’s the most frustrating thing about what you do?

PP: The administration of it all. Farming is frustrating, period; there’s no guarantees and that’s just the way it is, especially when you’re farming outdoors. But the admin and always having to beg for a work permit frustrates me to no end.

CBT: What is different about the Camana Bay market compared to other markets you attend?

PP: Other than I love the venue, I think it’s a great diversity of clientele here and that’s special because we offer diversity.