02 February 2017
#FacesAroundTown: Meet Jade and Cueme

“Cueme and I have been best friends since day one. We are honest with each other, we compromise, we laugh, we cry and we try to keep it just as exciting as it was when we were in high school.”


Jade and Cueme Parker’s love story may be familiar to many already in Cayman, as they recently won the Celebrations wedding contest after sharing their story with the team and being selected from a pool of over 100 applicants.

These newlyweds have stood the test of time as they met at the tender ages of 15 and 16 and have now been together just a month shy of a decade. After moving back home following a stint in Scotland post-Hurricane Ivan, Jade joined Key Club and it was in a Key Club meeting that she met Cueme, who waited until Valentine’s Day to ask her on a date to PD’s. It wasn’t long after meeting that their relationship became long distance, as Cueme left for university in Miami. The distance took its toll as the couple fought often, but they persevered and Jade transferred to the University of South Florida to finish her degree and Cueme also transferred to complete his Masters. The couple moved in together and adopted their dog Thor from the Cayman Islands Humane Society. All their hard work had paid off.

In 2013 the couple moved back to Cayman and a year later purchased their first home together. As they were preparing to move in, Jade was offered the opportunity to report on the Youth Olympic Games in China, and while she was gone Cueme took advantage of the time alone with Jade’s family to ask them for her hand in marriage. On New Year’s Eve, he got done on one knee in Disney World and said, “Jade Webster, would you complete my fairytale and marry me?”.

Jade secretly entered the Celebrations wedding contest after a friend mentioned it to her. She had forgotten about her entry completely, and had never mentioned it to Cueme, yet one day was surprised by a phone call letting her know they had won. “I was at work when Celebrations called – it was on the Friday before my birthday in August, and I was completely lost for words. I remember standing in the kitchen at my work in complete shock, thinking ‘this is just too good to be true’.”

Celebrations made the process of planning the wedding a breeze, making Cueme and Jade want to throw another party so they can work with the planning team again! They married on 8 October, 2016 at Pedro Castle in front of 80 friends and family members. Jade remembers her favourite part of the night. “After a remarkable party when Cueme and I got into the limo, he held my hand and said “This is my wife.” I knew we’d sealed the deal!”

With Jade having worked at Hurley’s Media in Camana Bay and the couple having planned their wedding closely with the Celebrations team, they spend a lot of time in the Town Centre, but also enjoy frequent date nights here at the movies and enjoying the cocktails and sticky toffee pudding at KARoo. Their advice for couples looking for a happy and long-lasting relationship is to always communicate, listen to each other, compromise, laugh every day until it hurts, hold hands because you can, be each other’s best friends and “love – love so much that you can’t love anymore. Because this is what has worked for us.”