20 January 2017
Camana Bay Starts Landscaping Rejuvenation Project on Paseo

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This article was excerpted from the debut issue of our monthly community newspaper, the Camana Bay Times, available for collection throughout the Town Centre, including the Camana Bay Visitor Centre.

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By Alan Markoff

People strolling down Camana Bay’s Paseo might have noticed something different in the landscaping over the past few months.

Arboretum Services Limited Horticulture Manager Whit Connors said a Camana Bay landscaping rejuvenation project that started on the Paseo in 2016 is just beginning.

“Camana Bay was intended to be a place to inform and inspire those who interacted in the space,” he said. “As we see the built environment continue to evolve and grow, so too should the living ‘green’ environment.”

Connors said it was also important that the landscaping setting reflect Cayman.

“The plants we choose will continue to show a strong commitment to the preservation of the local flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands.”

The Paseo was chosen as the place to start the landscaping rejuvenation project because it is one of the most central and integral parts of Camana Bay.

“The Paseo stitches together all of the spaces within Camana Bay,” he said. “Ten locations were identified to begin the landscape rejuvenations, with the main intent to increase the colour and liveliness of the space. We also wanted to increase the diversity of the plant material, including the addition of more native endemic plants.”

The rejuvenation project is the beginning of a broader look at the past, current and future landscaping at Camana Bay, Connors said.

“We want the landscaping to inspire a new generation of users in the space,” he said. “By using a broader plant palette, we can bring out Camana Bay’s fun and expressive side that will help connect everyone who lives, works or comes here.”